Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day of Weird

Today was miserably hot, especially for September! Out of the blue - I got the urge to go haunt an old cemetery. Did I mention it was a weird day? I drove to a "pioneer" cemetery in Colton where it is rumored an Earp is buried. Closed. How do you close a cemetery? Why? Do visiting hours matter to the deceased? It was 2 PM on a Sunday afternoon, seems to me like a good time to visit your folks. Anyway, disappointed but undaunted, I headed for Riverside, where I know there is a great old marble orchard...cuz some of my own folks are resting there. Bad news...the place is "restored" which means that now there is a fence around the whole old section. What? Come on, I want to walk on the green grass and respectfully enjoy some of the wonderful 1800's tombstones. What is the deal? I gave up. Hot and frustrated,  I headed through downtown Riverside and stopped at the Mission Inn. For the next two hours I got totally and completely lost...every time I saw a sign that said hotel guests only I went that way, clear to the top level (wonderful view!) taking photos and trying to look like a guest. No one stopped me and I explored to my heart's content, finding amazing little tiny doors leading nowhere, stairs that appear out of the wall and lead up to disappear into a solid ceiling, intriguing stained glass and tile work, nooks and crannies galore.
Seriously, is Baby Jesus waving goodbye to me as I leave? Sweet.

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