Saturday, September 11, 2010

In the Light of Day...

Well, the whole late night blog idea was great. Till  morning came and off to my busy day I went...and now it is Saturday night. So calling it 'hoboannie every day' might be a bit ambitious! I had a great writer's critique session today - I promise I am not just in it for the amazing Panera bearclaws and coffee. Small group today (two wonderful authors and one very sweet author's mom) and I got to know them better in the more intimate setting. I am so blown away by the process of critique! The first time I had to read a short story my hands became blocks of ice, my vision narrowed to a few words on the paper and I thought, I'm gonna pass out before I get to the great twist at the end! No idea why I was so anxious, it wasn't like they were going to taser me for using the wrong verb tense. I survived, and the resulting comments and helpful suggestions were awesome. I am hooked. I look forward to Saturday mornings and always leave feeling so inspired, I want to sit in my car and write...can't even wait to get home!

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