Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camels in China

Annie was digging a hole. It was a hard job because she was five, and the only shovel she had was a big spoon from the kitchen drawer. The hole had to be very deep, because Annie was going to China.
Her Granny walked up and looked into the hole. “Why are you digging a hole in the backyard?” 
“I’m going to China to see the camels,” Annie explained.
“There are no camels in China,” said Granny. “Don’t get your clothes dirty.”
After she left, Annie started digging again. Her hole was so deep she could almost put her head in it. But she couldn’t see China yet. She kept digging.
Granny called her for lunch. She left her hole and went inside. “I can’t wait to get to China so I can ride a camel,” she said through a mouthful of peanut butter sandwich.
“There are no camels in China,” Granny said, rolling her eyes.
Annie went back outside. She peered into the dark hole. She couldn’t see China yet, but thought she could smell a camel.
Granny brought her a sweater. “Put this on, it’s getting cold.”
“Do the camels in China have one hump or two?” Annie asked, tugging at her sleeves.
Granny sighed.  “Annie, when you get to China—don’t forget to send me a photograph of you on a camel.”
“Sure,” Annie said--and she started digging again.

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