Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Buddy,

 You were the best dog a girl could ever want. When I close my eyes and remember our life together, I laugh, I cry and I wish with all my heart I could give you just one more hug. I wouldn’t even care if you licked my nose and breathed your doggy breath in my face.

Standing in our yard, I picture you leaping into the big old tree and climbing high, looking for cats or birds or just a good perch to jump down from and startle an unsuspecting visitor. I watch your stubbly tail wagging as you poke your head thru the gate beneath the Beware of Dog sign and lick a little kid’s sticky hands. I feel the breeze whoosh by my legs as you tear past with a stuffed animal – trailing fluffy white ‘guts’ across the yard as you spin around with the joy of it all.
 I think of the times that old Tom waited for you behind the kitchen door, swatting your nose with his paw when you poked your head inside. You ended up as old friends, lying in piles of autumn leaves together or sitting up in the tree. I know you missed him when he was gone.
Holidays were great with you around, it was so fun at Christmas, watching you tear open presents and wear bows on your head. And remember the Mother's Day pedicure? You brought out the silly in me when I needed it.
 How many times did I dress you up for Halloween? You’d hold so still for a photo in your doggie Superman cape, or my cowgirl hat, or motorcycle scarf and cap. Even the Barbie wig and sparkly necklaces lasted a long enough for a pictures…then off you ran, trailing pink beads down the driveway.

I’m laughing as I remember how you always cheated when we raced. You would take off running at “Get Set” and never wait till “Go!” I think that’s a good way to live. Just take off, don’t wait for someone else to decide when you should go. I’m glad we had so much time together. I’ll miss watching you sleep, your feet chasing after an imaginary rabbit and the little yips of excitement as you dreamed. You could do a ton of tricks, and always found me when we played hide and seek, even when I was in the bathtub. I will probably cry every time the ice cream man comes down the road, remembering how you’d watch for him and prance around while Papa bought you a Sundae bar of your own. Was it thirteen years ago I sat with you in my lap, comforting you on New Year’s Eve when the noisy celebration scared you? Falling asleep together, sitting propped against the washing machine on the back porch till three in the morning.

You were always there to bring in the mail, or the kitchen trash can, or just carry something around for the fun of it. You sure loved leftovers, didn’t you? You could open a carton with ease and everyone who visited knew to bring you a doggy bag. Bet you’re the only dog that knew how to recycle his empty French fry container!

I loved coming home and finding you up in Papa’s lap, both of you sitting outside in the back yard, soaking up the sun.

 I can’t imagine not seeing you waiting at the back gate in the morning, butt wiggling, mouth full of kibble that you would toss to the ground, an offering that never failed to touch my heart. You were a comfort when I was hurting, an inspiration when I needed cheering up and a friend always and forever. I hope you find adventure where you are, birds to climb trees for, rabbits to chase and the memory of a girl who loved you to keep in your angel heart.  


  1. What a great dog. I can understand from these photos (a dog that wears red nail polish and a Superman cape so smashingly!) and by your words how big a hole he's left. I'm so sorry he's gone. ((hugs))

  2. Sooo sorry for your loss of your Buddy... (heavy sigh...) Your tribute to him is heartfelt. I love all of your pictures! He's such a cute dog! And even though, I never met Buddy, he would popp into my mind whenever I stood at the candy rack at the store and saw the bags of Skittles. My kind of dog! :-)

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  4. I can't believe he's gone... I cried when Tom died too. I remember when Sasha was still around years ago at the old house I grew up in and you guys would bring Buddy over. How much those two loved to play together! Never have I seen a dog run so fast as Buddy could (that Rocket Dog!) but Sasha sure worked her tail off to keep up with him!! I remember him chasing me on my little Honda 50 and playing tug-o-war with his stuffed animals. It would soon turn into tug-o-me as he would nearly drag me off my feet and pull me around the yard. He was such a smart dog and I was always amazed to see what new tricks he had learned! I loved tossing his toys into the tree just to see him run up and bring it back down... So many memories I could go on for hours. Buddy will be missed and he will always have a place in my heart <3; so sorry he's gone ='(