Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Excuse me? Have you seen August? I seem to have missed it.

Seriously? The whole month went by and I don't remember it? I blame the triple digit heat, which resulted in Critical Thermal Maximum. You know, "that temperature for a given species above which most individuals respond with unorganized locomotion, subjecting the animal to likely death." Well, I didn't die, but my locomotion was definitely unorganized. August was a bust.
So now it is September, I've got my groove back, and recently headed to the Safari Park for some face time with the critters.
If I just keep it open, something is bound to jump in.

Ta-Da!! Ouch. Ouch. Cactus. Brilliant.

Does this butt make my rhino look fat?

"Look, honey, that cow is horny."
Yeah. Like I've never heard that one before.

Does she still have her mouth open? Women....

Look all you want, but I'm tellin' ya, birds don't have belly buttons.

Mom? Are you sure there aren't boogers on my food when I eat it with my nose like this?

She loves me. she loves me not., who cares.

Dude! You can see into the zebra's showers through here!

Trust me. I'm really good at getting splinters out.

Any minute...any minute now...


  1. LOL! I totally love all of your critter tags! Fun, fun, fun pics!!! :-)

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha! You're so funny. Thank you for September and trips to the zoo and your knack for the hilarious. :D

  3. Very clever! You satisfied my desire to visit the park while saving me from all of that walking nonsense. Thanks!