Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey, It's Me--Secret Author Girl

This is the cover for my new Kindle eBook. It went live yesterday, and already I'm out-selling Steven King.  Not really. A girl can dream, though.
Speaking of horror stories,  "Not Like Other Girls" contains a few bits of scary stuff that might rev you up for All Hallow's Eve. The product description reads: "A trio of short stories described by one critic as delightfully wicked". 'Caregiver', 'Secondhand Hair' and 'Not Like Other Girls' are about relationships and making them work. Or not. Annie Howland stirs up a disturbing little mix of horror and revenge in her latest batch of dark tales."

Ok, done with the self-promotion. Whew. Wait. I forgot. Here's the link: Not Like Other Girls

And, while I'm at it, did I mention I put my short story, Becker on Amazon as well? How remise of me. Here's the cover:

By the way, you may have guessed by now that I'm using a pen name. No reason, I just like saying nom de plume. It's a kid thing.

Thanks for your suport of my literary dreams!


  1. Woo-hoo, Annie! I love those covers, and Not Like Other Girls is a wicked good title. Yay, you!

  2. How did I miss this?! I just bought it and can't wait to get out my Kindle and read it. :)