Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNo and No-Nos

Ten days into the breakneck pace of  NaNoWriMo and I have jumped the healthy diet rails. I realized this today as I stuffed a porcupine fist of salty pretzels (a no-no) into my mouth as I pounded away on the laptop, furiously immersed in writing my nano novel.
Well, actually I might have had an idea what was happening when I didn't think twice about putting the bag of pretzels into my shopping cart yesterday, along with the Fritos, peanut M&Ms,  and economy-sized cheddar-flavor Goldfish bag. 
All no-nos.
I can only hope the mental energy I'm generating trying to reach that 1,669 word count goal every day is burning calories. Lots of 'em.


  1. If you don't want the Goldfish, I'll have them. ;) I hope your novel is going well! (:

  2. Hey, it's better than cigarettes and gin, right? Next to my desk (cleverly hidden in a bag) are sourdough pretzels, ginger cookies, chocolate candy. I'm a hopeless muncher-writer.

  3. Thanks, Sarah!
    Pat: I doubt Dorothy Parker would agree with that!LOL! Thanks for reminding me I forgot the cookies!

  4. Hi Annie, I was thinking you did a tribute to military women on your blog. did you do that on FB? I hit a huge wall for NaNo - Not the story so much, just life stuff, but today I'm jumping back in. I hope!