Friday, January 13, 2012

Aim For The Moon

I welcomed 2012 a few nights after the ball dropped in a distant city--alone in my backyard, gazing at the faraway moon. Barefoot, with a bright idea (and freezing!), I fiddled with my christmas camera to see if I could finally capture the majesty and mystery I witnesses 14 years ago through a large telescope set up on a mountain top by a stranger.

Back then, I was alone in a different way--emotionally fragile after a divorce, fearfully on my own in a "moved-on-without-you" world. A friend prompted me to step up on the box and take a peek. The sight was so overwhelming, I burst into tears. I saw the moon as if it were a mountainside across the valley. The enormity of seeing it so terribly, wonderfully if it could be reached out for and touched...was life-changing.

The moon isn't all that distant. Neither is what you want from your life. A few adjustments to the lense, a change of perspective...and there it is, well within reach....and ready to be explored.

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may well hit a star."
W. Clement Stone