Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Letters

I know I have found my soulmate. I have the science to back it up. I wrote both our full names on a piece of paper, crossed out all the letters our names have in common, then chanted, "Friendship, Courtship, Love, Marriage" as I tapped my pencil on each of the remaining letters. It ended on "Marriage". I don't need any more proof than that.
My grandpa knew he'd found the one when they were 16. When he went off to college, he wrote a love letter about her and secretly tucked it behind the framed picture he kept on his desk. Amazingly, my grandma did not discover the letter until they'd already been married 59 years!


She's the girl in my picture. Eternal as the ages, she is imprisoned in her frame of gold forever, and so she sits and gazes out upon the world, full of radiant youth which time can never destroy.
It is so that she sits before me now as I write this, and with that spontaneous but unchanging smile, indicates her approval of my efforts.
Somehow, I always imagine her thus, as she sits beside that little stream, on the banks of which we spent so many pleasant hours. In my memory she will always be wearing that same yellow dress, and will always lounge upon that same fallen log, with her back against that same big oak tree. The sky will always seem blue, the trees will always seem green, and the day will always seem warm and sunny.
Her hazel eyes will always smile back at me with that characteristic twinkle, and the brown mass of streaming hair will always fill me with the urge to hold it, and watch it as it slips softly through my fingers. Her cheeks will always have that same delicate pinkness, and her lips that same  indescribable appeal.
And someday, I hope, I shall show her to my grandchildren, and tell them what a beautiful girl their grandmother was. For you see, she's the girl in my picture--and in my heart.

Dearest Grandpa: I have seen that beautiful girl. I share a few hours with her each week, and she is just as luminous at 99 as she was at 16. I know you can't wait to see her, and when she comes to join you, it will be by that same fallen log, beneath that same big oak tree, in that world that will always be eternally young.


  1. What a lovely tribute to both your grandparents, Annie.

  2. How utterly and complete romantic. My heart is fluttering. I'd love to meet your grandma.