Monday, March 5, 2012

Dancing in the Kitchen, Naked

Ok, I'm not actually naked. I don't have any slippers on, though. That should tell you how excited I am. I always wear my slippers.

It's Monday morning and I've fired up the laptop before the coffee is even done. Before the weekend, I put my two Kindle e-books on "sale" for free during the first four days of March. I crossed my fingers and did a bit of blatant self-promotion on Facebook and waited.

This morning, I peeked at the downloads report. And gave a little squeal that woke the bird, who meowed. (She does that. No, we don't have a cat. She's just weird.)

Anyway, 401 is the final number. It's nothing that would excite Steven King or Amanda Hocking...but for lil' ol' me? All I can say is we're having waffles for breakfast, baby. With powdered sugar.

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