Monday, September 10, 2012

Prunes and Puppies

Ten bucks says you have the wrong idea about this post.
No's not actually about the effect of prunes on puppies (uh, gross).
Bear with me a moment while I explain.
See, I am the girl who will always take the Dare over the Truth when we are playing Spin the Bottle.

I'll eat the chocolate-covered cricket (Anyone got a toothpick?)

I'll smell the toad (Peanut butter! Who knew?)

I'll climb into the black hole in the cave wall 'cuz I'm too stubborn to admit I'm afraid of being buried alive.

I dare to fly to Italy alone and wander. I dare to share photos from home with an Italian biker gang, who insist on a photo with the American who owns a vintage Harley.

I dare to pick up a snake and feel the flick of an exploring tongue on my arm.

I dare to sit in a field of flowers and photograph bees on my fingertips.

So....puppies and prunes, you ask. Where do they fit in?

It's all about ATTITUDES. I've been noticing for a while that when I tell someone what I did or where I plan to go, I get one of two reactions:

'Prunes' will squinch up their face and say, "Ew. I hate snakes. Arizona is too hot. Costa Rica is dangerous, people get kidnapped there. Chinese food is disgusting. I stomp all spiders. The French are rude. I'm a vegan, I'd never try that."

'Puppies', on the other hand, exclaim, "Really? How cool. What did the fish-head soup taste like in Shanghai? I'll bet Costa Rica was beautiful. Are crickets crunchy? That's awesome. I've always wanted to see Paris. The toad smelled like peanut butter?"

I've never understood Prunes, who seem determined to counter every enthusiasm with a negative reaction. What's with that? You marvel at a sunset, they point out it's just smog. 

I like Puppies. They are the adventurous, the curious, the interesting. They will tell you their own stories, and share the adventurous spirit that we all have when we're five and want to explore-- to touch and smell and taste everything in this great, wide world.

You only get one life.
Don't wrinkle up your nose at it.
Live it.


  1. Love that cave photo, my adventurous friend! let's live.

    1. Agreed! I need to come make sand castles with you sometime!

  2. I ate enormous locusts fried to a golden crisp in coconut oil when I lived in Southeast Asia. I think that puts me squarely in puppie-ville. However, caves and tight places have the same effect as prunes on my digestive tract...
    Great post, Annie!

    1. Bob, you are at the top of the puppy list with the locusts!!! PS Love the pics you posted on your blog!! What a neat the depths of winter it almost looks like the cabin in Stephen King's 'Misery'...heh heh heh

  3. Awesome post, Annie! Love, love, love this. You have the coolest pics ever.

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