Monday, October 29, 2012

My newest creepy Kindle book... Just in time for Halloween!

There are two types of folks reading this. One is squealing "eeeeeew" at the spider photo and the other is saying, "Cool!" You're both welcome here, but for the benefit of the squealers, I should mention that when I took the cover photo I released the spider onto a patio table and got eye level with my camera, letting her skitter towards my face to get this lovely shot.

I'm so excited to announce the release of STIRRING UP SPIDERS on Amazon, available for reading on Kindle! Within the glowing pages of this little collection of stories you'll find paranoia, greed, terror and death. Murder, madness, and of course a liberal dose of the supernatural: suspicious gargoyles, unexpected monsters, vengeful ghosts and haunted spaces.

Check the doors, turn out the lights, and curl up with this tangle of dark tales. Keeping you company is a paranoid suburban housewife, a writer on a deadline, a lost girl and a victim bent on revenge. Spirits will watch over your shoulder as something shadowy taps on the windowpane. And there is one very large empty cage to contemplate. The book concludes with a tribute to that most maligned spider, the black widow, in a tasty bit of poetry about...well, motherhood.
 The stories have been described by readers as "gritty" "vibrant" "wrenching" "icky and creepy".
See for yourself. If you dare. Click here to go to Amazon and see the book!
(Hey, squealers--I heard that.)

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