Monday, November 24, 2014

Time Warp

So it appears our heroine was extremely lax in her blogging  for a whole YEAR! What? Practically unforgivable. Thank goodness she just happens to have a WAY BACK MACHINE  and some quarters! Hop on!
November 2013: Hubby challenged me to to try writing a romance novel for NaNoWriMo. I have nothing against romance novelists...but as he well knows, I make immature gagging sounds at the end of every movie where the last two people who survived the alien invasion/volcano eruption/sharknado/zombie apocalypse start kissing in new-found love while the freshly decapitated/partially eaten/melted by a ray gun/buried under rubble bodies of their friends and loved ones lie in the jungle/desert/ruins of NYC/alien landscape. Ew. Kissing. Gross. So the idea of writing a "love story" was yucky. But I am proud to say I did it! It's no Harlequin, but I really think the whole "nanny falls for rich troubled widower" scenario has been done to death, anyway. I might have strayed from true romance with the addition of talking animals. Dunno.

For the sake of saving quarters, let's see if I can just SHOW you a few flashback from the year:

Went to an awesome airshow!!

Had another birthday!

Worked alongside the experts during a
BioBlitz at the Petrified Forest National Park 
and got to catch critters!

Installed a hardwood floor in the bedroom! 
Oh, yeah, I did it myself!
(Hubby supervised and used the power tools)

Got a new car and shed a tear for the purple PT.  
I loved that ol' eggplant.

Gossiped with a big cat!

 Became very intrigued with fungus...
...because it's just so cool.

Discovered raccoons in my garden.

Watched these little guys hatch right outside the kitchen door.

Road trip to Utah with my Bro!

Enjoyed a few toasty fires with hubby.

Watched lizard porn.

Discovered purple carrots.

Had some Halloween fun.


Yup, October 2014 was all about finishing the edits on Hobo Annie Hits the Road, the Journals of Annie Howland (my pen name, for those of you who didn't know me as that already). Ten years worth of adventures, abroad and state-side. I wrote down everything I was experiencing in notebooks, so my hubby could share every unique experience. The journals helped me to feel less afraid and lonely in foreign lands and twelve years later, it seemed like a good idea to share them with the rest of the world. The book is now available on AMAZON!!

Present Day: We're back! Are you saddle-sore?
 I'm on Day 24 of a NEW NaNo Novel, and this one is all fantasy, baby. Talking animals, and magic, and lizards...not magic lizards, but, hey...they could be!
There. We're all up to date, and you didn't have to leave your chair. Unless you're viewing this on your phone, and in that case, sit down. You could run into a pole.