Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Wonderful Iris Afternoon

Spring is definitely here in Southern California! 
I had a wonderful ramble this afternoon at 
Wild Oak Farms in Yucaipa.
The farm, located in Live Oak Canyon,
is home to the gorgeous Iris Gardens!
I had a great visit with the owner and her faithful, 
gopher-patrolling sidekick!
The flowers are lovely.
 I had no idea how many varieties there were... 
And there are other gorgeous blooming plants 
in the ornamental garden!
I love this rose SO MUCH.
 So sweet!
 There were other visitors as well...
The iris season only lasts a month and a half...
so you locals need to get out to the farm 
and enjoy the riot of color and fragrance while it lasts! 
(Did I mention one of the iris varieties 
smells like jellybeans?!)
The irises can be visited (and purchased, along with
 many interesting drought-resistant plants) at
 32026 Live Oak Canyon Road
Hours are 8-5 through May 16th